WordPress and International relations read in 69 countries and counting

In this enlightening and very focused blog, International Relations and History student Peter Banham (studying at Lancaster University in the UK) shows how to do it right. Using WordPress to communicate share and connect on his passion in A Litte View of the World. What is so interesting is that a focused, regular and enlightening snippets of insight of less well known nations has engaged a wide and international audience in a way rarely seen. Visit his blog and you will see that its readership is diverse being picked-up and followed across 69 nations and counting. Peter seems to have really found a space/ gap in information. Choosing topical news themes and providing insightful and accurate pieces about what has led to current news stories and what might be happening now and in the future his writing is sharing knowledge often assumed or left out of news articles.

Certainly as an informed author he has provided me with new insight and knowledge on subjects that are interesting, important and that I might otherwise have not understood.

Here is a recent example featured on WordPress.com just a few days ago, highlighting this great example of what WordPress and blogging, indeed the web can do. So much better than the endless drivel of authors struggling to find a subject or voice or thoughtless rants sadly too often encountered.

Topical Piece on Burma from A Little View of the World.

Why Burma is the New Focus of International Relations.

A focused theme, a measured and informed voice with a modest style, these blog-essays are genuine, thoughtful pieces that seek to share and start a conversation not just spout an opinion. Refreshing enagaing and worth following.

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One comment on “WordPress and International relations read in 69 countries and counting
  1. russellbanham says:

    A very good article – I learned a lot about Bruma

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