Apple Nabs Itself A Renewable Power Plant Project in Oregon

Renewables and Apple


Apple’s been on a bit of a buying spree lately. Embark! Cue! Burstly!

If you had to guess the next thing Apple would take under its wing, what would it be?

If you guessed “a hydroelectric power project in Central Oregon”, you’d be right! You’d also be a weirdly specific guesser.

OregonLive reports that Apple has taken over the efforts to complete a hydroelectric plant just outside of Prineville, Oregon.

“Cool!” you say. “But what the hell is a hydroelectric plant?”

You know those big wooden water wheels you always see in kitschy paintings of rivers? It’s like that, except with more of that sweet, sweet science. Falling water is used to spin big turbines, which in turn generate electricity. The Hoover Dam, for example, doubles as a hydroelectricity plant.

As for why Apple would want one, it’s simple: data centers. Apple operates a handful of data…

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