Facebook Mobile Introducing Interest Based Ads?

But do you want them? Have you ever received a relevant promoted post or ad in your timeline? I don’t think I have? Does anyone actually click on them? Given the growing revenues I guess they do. And given no such thing as a free lunch, maybe I wouldn’t get so irritated if they were not salient, pertinent and relevant. Well wait and see but good news too you can opt out, see below.


Permanent outage of major networks what happens?

Whilst on the subject of the delicate balance between how I value or not the Facebook platform against the utility of the platform versus the cost/pain of the Ads and their relative freedom of access to my data, at least they are giving us options. I am wondering if we all opt out without paying for the platform, how long would it all last?

In a post Snowden world, even the giants are treading carefully, Google, Facebook, Twitter, but in an anonymous but transparent to me world don’t I cut-off the ability for Facebook and all to deliver utility and relevant content if I opt out?

In a book from the old world called ‘Built to Last’ brands that lasts 50+ years are as rare as hens teeth, can humankind afford for Facebook to ever stop. What a resource, a database of a billion lives plus is already over 10 years etc? Did we think that about the others in the Elephants grave yard too?

WordPress, Google. Facebook, Twitter, Apple , Microsoft, Pinterest, all of these giants if in 30 years they are gone, where does all the data go? Twitter does provide firehose outputs. They probably all do but how can these vast archives ever be protected when whilst it is our data, once we are gone they have it in perpetuity and in private ownership.

From a mankind and humanities and social science perspective can we afford as a society to lose these unique records? Can we afford to even contemplate this and given their power, the size of national economies can the problem be sorted anyway?

Just a musing from today’s headlines. If anyone knows the international legal perspective or solution to this, please post somewhere, thanks

Facebook and changes re Mobile Add on The Next Web

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