The New Victims Of Palm Oil

Palm oil and the ever increasing price of this ingredient and the irrevocable damage to our planet and the extinction threat to not just the Orangutans, we need action now.

A Changing Wild World

It all began with the orangutans. Oil palm plantations ate their way across South-East Asia and into their habitat. Now, it is the great apes of Africa that will be facing the same deadly threat. Palm oil has come to Africa.

There is a thirst for palm oil, the cheap oil, one so great that this deadly oil is found in 50% of our household products; chocolate, popcorn, soap and cosmetics to name just a few.

Palm Oil Fruit Palm Oil Fruit

“If industrial palm oil plantations come to western Africa, I don’t know if conservation can succeed there. At some point, the whole system will just fall apart,” said Joshua Linder, a primatologist at James Madison University. The oil palm is native to Africa, but the craze and ferocity of development of plantations came from Asia.

Currently, a third of all mammal species in Indonesia are considered to be critically endangered due to…

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