The Climate Change Exodus – How Rising Sea Levels Are Swallowing Nations

“Climate Change Affects the Most Vulnerable” Penny Banham has got me thinking and worried. Its easy sitting here in the West thinking the change is not that profoud, the winters just get milder. but here are the facts and they are shocking, please share.

A Changing Wild World

Climate change / sea-level rise in Fiji

Climate change is an inevitable reckoning. Those who are most vulnerable to the rising sea levels are the people whose community is built on small islands and on coastlines. Ultimately, these people will lose everything.

Kiribati, The Maldives, The Seychelles, The Torres Strait Islands, Tegua, The Soloman Islands, Micronesia, Palau, The Marshall Islands, The Carteret Islands, Tuvalu and Bangladesh: the islands that will be left underwater. The islands where the environmental refugees will come from.

Global warming contributes to sea-level rise in two major ways: through melting of glaciers and ice sheets and expansion of ocean water as it warms. During the twentieth century, global mean sea level rose at an average of 0.07 inches (1.8 millimeters) per year.5 However, from 1993 to 2003 the average rate of sea-level rise increased to around 0.12 inches (3.1 millimeters) per year

This is a humanitarian crisis. As the sea levels rise, homes…

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