Find Van Gogh’s artworks next to you, with Neo4j Spatial and Spring Data Neo4j 3.0.1

anyone used Neo4j integrated with data in a cms fom/to, for mashup of data, particularly #WordPress?

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1. Introduction

In March, Michael Hunger (Head of Spring Integration) and Spring Data team officially released Spring Data Neo4j 3.0.1. As an useful intro, I kindly suggest you to watch the video posted  here.

Since, my company and me have for many years adopted the Spring Framework to develop our web applications, it was natural for me to start a new spike, whose main objective was to use a geographical search engine to look for museums hosting masterpieces by Van Gogh next to my friends and me.

I rapidly understood that my technical stack could have been built by:

  • Neo4j Spatial, a library for Neo4j that helps to execute spatial operation on data;

  • Heroku: as environment where to deploy this spike.

You can watch full code on my public github project (contributors welcome);

Application is reachable at:

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