6.1B Smartphone Users Globally By 2020, Overtaking Basic Fixed Phone Subscriptions

6 Billion plus human network thats mobile. Quite a moment in 2020 coming our way.


Today there are 2.6 billion smartphone subscriptions globally, and while growth has been levelling off in developed markets, it’s not stalling altogether by a long shot. By 2020, we will see a tipping point of sorts, when globally there will be 6.1 smartphone users, finally overtaking the number of fixed line subscriptions. The numbers come from the latest Mobility Report from Ericsson, annual research the telecoms company conducts using data from around 100 carriers globally.

Those 6.1 billion smartphone users works out to some 70 percent of the worlds population using smartphones in five years’ time, a measure of just how central these devices are becoming to how we communicate and do much more.

“Total mobile” subscriptions by 2020 will actually number 9.2 billion, and when you take into account Internet-of-things and M2M services, mobile broadband and even some basic remaining feature phones, there will be 26 billion connected devices…

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