Snaring Wildlife – A loss of lives and limbs from snares

It’s an uncomfortable subject but we need to be informed, its all horrific but see the picture of the vast quantities of collected snares gives a chilling vview of the scale of the problem!

A Changing Wild World

Snares are not discriminatory and dangerous. They are a huge problem for wildlife in developing countries, however, very little is heard about the serious effects they cause.

Snare being removed in Budongo Forest, Uganda. Snare being removed in Budongo Forest, Uganda.

Not only can snares kill and maim animals that happen to get caught in them, the whole ecology of the ecosystem that snares are found, can be impacted on. By killing or maiming prey species, other top predator populations may decline, changing the structure of a system, resulting in an alternative state where apex predators are no longer found in the ecosystem.

“Like landmines, snares do not discriminate, are virtually undetectable, and can cause irreversible permanent physical damage within a split second,” she explained. “Like landmines, snares are unforgiving death traps that cause pain, suffering, and mutilation. Like landmines, snares are detonated automatically by way of pressure from the animals stepping into or through it,” said Jessica…

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