Norway set to cull two thirds of its wolf population

Come on Norway surely youa re better than this!

A Changing Wild World

In a controversial plan, Norway is set to cull more than two-thirds of its remaining wolves due to apparent harm inflicted on sheep flocks by the predators. The wolf population in Norway is estimated to be around 68 individuals. Plans approved on Friday would allow for 47 wolves to be culled.


There is a lot of enthusiasm for wolf hunting in Norway. In 2015, 11,000 hunters applied for licences allowing 16 wolves to be shot.

These plans have sparked outrage among the conservation and animal rights  community. According to environmental groups, the claim that wolves harm livestock is unfounded and the response to minimal damage is disproportionate. Nina Jensen, chief executive of WWF in Norway, said on Twitter: This is an outright mass slaughter. Something like we have not seen in almost 100 years….shooting 70% of the wolf population is not worthy of a nation claiming to be championing…

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